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Full day Kindergarten is good are bad ?

Tara posted 3 years ago
Is full day Kindergarten is better for kids......

4 answers

Mani kandaprabhu replied 3 years ago
Kindergarten is a good place for your kids to enroll themselves with education and various activities at the initial stage . But you should think over it for a full day Kindergarten.
Shiny replied 3 years ago
According to me, Full day kindergarten is beneficial only for the working parents but not for kids. Every child likes to enjoy schooling which will inturn develop a love for learning.
Radha replied 3 years ago
Children feel lonely when admitted to kindergarten in a under age, at the same time parents would miss child's pranks and play.
Madhuranjani replied 3 years ago

It is a good place for the childrens to face new schooling environment,but it is not necessary for the whole day because they do not know their own needs properly.