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How Does an Individual Become Socially Responsible?

chandru sharma posted 3 years ago
Being Socially Responsible means that people must behave ethically and with sensitivity toward social, cultural, economic and environmental issues.

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Merlin Vimal replied 3 years ago
An individual can become socially responsible when he/she engage with others, have interest towards the happenings in the society and solve social problems according to his/her ability. Social responsibility should start from the place where we are.....
jack marco replied 3 years ago
The life of a student is not about scoring marks, getting grades and passing through the examinations. It’s something different. They have to be socially responsible and serve the society. They have to be involved in social services.
Jack the cool replied 3 years ago
The social responsibility of students can be impinged on various examples. It is about how He/She behaves inside and outside the classroom.

To be more precise, if a class leader is responsible, the class will be good. If a student is socially responsible the society will be good, better and the best.