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World's first kidney website

Tara posted 2 years ago
Health stakeholders launched an worlds first Kidney website named kidneyEducation. This website was prepared by Dr Gabriel Upunda, a nephrologist and Dr Sanjay Pandya, the chief mentor of Kidney Education Foundation from India. This website having a complete guide for Kidney patients to know about their problems and to take a necessary precautions to save their lives.

3 answers

Jaslynn Joan replied 2 years ago
Great!!! Thank you Tara for sharing this useful info. This website would help patients as well as students to learn the reasons for the kidney disease and functions of kidney.
Venkatesh replied 2 years ago
The website address is http://kidneyeducation.com/
chandru sharma replied 2 years ago
By reading about the kidney we can prevent kidney diseases. May this website useful to learn about it. Thanks for sharing it!