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Learn English

Merlin Vimal posted 4 years ago
English plays a vital role in today’s society so it is necessary for students to learn English. It is considered as the most common spoken language, official language and internet language which are used in many countries. English is very interesting and you can learn it easily in your school days itself. Speaking English will enable you to get placed in a multinational company and gives you many opportunities.

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Madhavi replied 4 years ago
It's quite obvious, today english is required everywhere and many have the desire to speak english fluently. For improving your english make a habit of reading english books and novels. Listening to english audios and news will enhance your communication skill.
Mani kandaprabhu replied 4 years ago
Yup.I do agree on this.But remember English is only a language and its not a A red rag to a bull.Practicing English makes it a stones throw.
Tara replied 3 years ago
Learning English is more important for our daily life. Many peoples are jobless even though they have a degree it is because of lack of English communication skills. we have to practice daily to improve our communication skill.