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Most Prestigious Universities List

Tara posted 3 years ago
The 15 most prestigious universities in the world

1. Harvard University, USA
2. Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA
3. Stanford University, USA
4. University of Cambridge, UK
5. University of Oxford, UK
6. University of California Berkeley, USA
7. Princeton University, USA
8. Yale University, USA
9. Columbia University, USA
10. California Institute of Technology, USA
11. University of Chicago, USA
12. University of Tokyo, Japan
13. University of California Los Angeles, USA
14. University of Michigan, USA
15. Imperial College London, UK

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Shiny replied 3 years ago
Thanks for sharing. Added to this , Asia too has increased its share of institutions in a global ranking of the world’s most prestigious universities 2016 by having 18 institutions in the top 50 list.