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tndte attendance shortage

Kumar AJ posted 3 years ago
In the tamilnadu diploma colleges there are 945 students have attendance shortages this year, It is little bit high when compared to last semesters, they may not be able to write their exams in case they are unable to submit proper medical report. Most students will not get chance in this semester hence if they are interested to pursue the course they need to join freshly after a year in the same sem.
Since few semester board is not updating exam time table online and it is issued only through the institutions hence for lot of students it is impossible to reach it in quickly.

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chandru sharma replied 3 years ago
I hope May this system will be change...because mark is not only important for us to get good career. That is simply a system to get a chance for go next step of our education career. i wish....It should be changed in upcoming years.