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Top 18 tips for improving your English

Tara posted 3 years ago
1. Watch television and films in English
2. Read English books/newspapers
3. Label things in your house
4. Make notes of new vocabulary
5. Surround yourself with English speakers
6. Figure out your best time to learn
7. Listen to British and American music
8. Language swap
9. Practise English whenever you can
10. Record yourself and your lesson
11. Get a good bilingual dictionary
12. Learn English idioms and phrasal verbs
13. Write every day
14. Tell you teacher what you want to learn
15. Remember your mistakes
16. Put yourself into difficult situations
17. Change the language on your social media or smartphone
18. Be realistic

2 answers

Lavanya replied 3 years ago
Great tips Tara.... If anyone follow these methods, they will definitely speak English fluently.
chandru sharma replied 3 years ago
Excellent tips..! Hope this will help to improve their English Speaking skills and knowledge.