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Ways to get rid of exam stress

Merryl Senuri posted 2 years ago
Exam stress is a major thing that arises in students during exam time period.

Here are some ways to reduce exam stress:-

*Pray to God

*Do meditation for sometime. While doing so think about the things what you love and visualize success.

*Do walking,cycling, jogging or any light exercise to refresh your mind and body.

*Have a balanced diet which will help your brain to work in a proper manner and also gives you physical strength.

*Listen to classic music or ambient music which will help you to get positive thought and helps you to learn better.

*Play with your pets at home and pop bubble wrap.

* Have a good sleep.

*Eat dark chocolate which is fights stress and relaxes you.

*Talk to the members in the family and people you love to have conversation for a while.

*Watch comedies, cartoons and programs that entertain you. But remember only for sometime.

*Don’t make use of mobile phones, social networks and get into other things that will distract from your studies.

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Amogh Puri replied 2 years ago
thnx for your suggestion