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Top 10 Courses after 12th standards Foreign Studies

Posted on Thursday 2nd October 2014 16:27

After passing out your 12th standard, most of us are in  one  state of mind!!! Yes most of us are in a state of confusion regarding  which career to choose which will help us to grow professionally and  enhance our personality and development. Basically a student in India has various options to choose from but if you’re looking for any foreign university  then it somehow gets difficult!!!   Keeping in mind that students today require updated information  about various career options after 12th from the changing career scenarios, here’s top 10 such professional courses that you can choose to pursue after completion of 12th STD.

These best courses after 12th have gained popularity recently and are showing promising results. Students enrolling into such professional courses are not only getting rewarded with a great career prospects but have been attaining recognition from top industries worldwide. So here is the list of top 10 researched career options available for you to study abroad after your 12th.

Acting Courses

Do you believe that you are glamorous!!! Want to exhibit your  talent and skills by entering  into show business!!! Then this career is just a right choice for you!! You can become a professional actor and get recognized by choosing an acting career and  become a professional actor. If you want to enter into the world of glamour and attain recognition, then internship into  acting career in countries like  USA, UK and Russia  which are known to be best places to enhance your acting skills and become professional actor  or Actress.

Beautician Courses

 Beautician courses are in great demand now a days. Every person in this world wants to look beautiful, glamorous ultimately to attain popularity. Thus opting for Beautician course after 12th Std could be a right option for you as it can help to shape your career in the right direction if you have a passion to make someone look beautiful ultimately showing their true essence.

Fashion Design Courses

If you think you are  creative enough , have an ability to visualize things in three dimensions , is adept in skills of cutting, grading and garment construction , enjoy the fashion trends and keep yourself updated with the ins and out of fashion then opting for a career in fashion should be serious thought.

 Fashion designing is one of top emerging career options after 12th. There are various top fashion designing institutes worldwide which help you to develop your career in fashion industry.

Institutes in Canada and New Zealand are  famous for  Diploma courses, graduate level courses, post graduate courses in fashion and designing.

Event Management Courses

Being a party animal is just not enough to choose a career option in Event Management industry. To be a great Event Manager you should have necessary  5 skills

1) People skill.

2) High Energy

3) Creativity

4) Having great attention to details

5) Having good  computer skills.

Students opting for courses in  event management do have an edge over to students opting for other degrees and courses. Australia and Germany are two countries which has institutes helping you to build your career in Event Management industry.

Mass Communication Courses

In the recent years, the world has witnessed a phenomenal and unprecedented explosion in communication technology and media which has brought the entire world closer. This is how mass-communication, as a stream of study, and as a career,  has become so important and enviable. Careers in Mass Communication are high paying and also bring in a great deal of job satisfaction and expression of creativity.

To make your career in the field of mass communication you should have some skills like

1) Creativity

2) Excellent Communication skills

3) Having great attention to details

4)  Clarity of thoughts. Able to explain and inform the most complex matters in a very easy way and preset to huge number of people.

5) Hardworking

6) Patience

This particular course belong to bold youngsters and is getting a craze among the youth.  You can shape out your career path in  relations, advertising, marketing, journalism, mass media careers and more.

Foreign Language Courses

Do you like  to learn new languages and want to  know the culture of various countries!!!!  There are many MNCs setting up their businesses  in country and essentially setting  up their presence in various towns across the nation. For them the language barrier can be huge and hence such organizations look for people getting specialized in different foreign languages. Anybody whose interest field is learning and teaching  foreign language can choose it as a career  after 12th. Students can start their career as Tourist guide for many professional Tourism companies. You need to learn languages like  Spanish, French, Korean, Japanese, Russian, English, Chinese, German etc.

Hotel Management Courses

You can enjoy lot of parties, events and fun or  if you want to  manage your own hotel or become a professional cook this can be a really good option for you to start a  career after 12th. In  Gulf countries  you can get a plenty of opportunities for such type of career.

 Audio Visual Media Courses

If your voice is good then you can make your career in journalism, film making, media promotion, brand promotion, photography, media studies and planning. Here you can get great opportunities as a  career in  Audio Visual Media. Australia is the best destination for such type of courses.

Dance Courses

Dancing is also a great career option after completion of 12th.   You can make a career as a choreographer, solo performer, dance troupe performer or even become a teacher in dance schools . So go ahead and become a professional dancer. France is the place where you can learn various dance forms.

Entrepreneurship Courses

You can start career as a Professional Entrepreneur. There are many options available to establish your career as Entrepreneur. You can choose USA for such type of courses.

This article is the complete research on the career options available worldwide after your 12th study. Don’t be panic you have many options available to go abroad after your 12th exam.

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