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Master of Education Curriculum and Instruction Online Degree Programs

Posted on Thursday 2nd October 2014 17:07

ASU's Master of Education in curriculum and instruction is offered fully online, pairing flexibility with academic excellence.

This master's program prepares individuals to meet the educational, social and emotional needs of children from birth through 8 years old.

Through online coursework, applied activities and in-person clinical experiences, the program equips students with specialized skills and advanced knowledge in early childhood pedagogy, community collaboration, technology, administration, policy analysis and advocacy.

The master's degree is appropriate for students interested in learning about early childhood education research and working with infants and children in grades K-3. This track may be of interest to students who already have a teaching certificate and are interested in furthering their knowledge and skills or pursuing doctoral studies in the future.

All courses are online, but practicum placement are completed in person. Students seeking certification in a state other than Arizona should contact their state department of education to determine the early childhood education requirements prior to applying."

The MEd in early childhood education has three offerings:

  • MEd with Certification (46 credit hours)
  • MEd with Endorsement (35 credit hours)
  • MEd (30 credit hours)

To learn more about our M.Ed. Curriculum and Instruction - Early Childhood Education program, click here.

The cost of this program is $545 per credit hour, with no additional program fees.

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