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Developing Critical Thinking Skills Personality Development

Posted on Monday 29th September 2014 17:51
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Bernard Baruch, the famous American financier, once wittily remarked, “Millions saw the apple fall, but Newton was the one who asked why.” This is the wonder of critical thinking. No high school, college, or graduate school can give you a degree or a diploma in critical thinking, as this is not something that you learn from books. Rather, it’s a skill that life and experience teaches you better. Have you ever wondered what critical thinking really is? It is a process of thinking, which includes an “analytical evaluation” of a situation. In it, you weigh any kind of substantial and insubstantial, concrete as well as abstract factors that governs a situation to achieve the best possible solution. To put it in simple words, it’s a scientific and analytical way of thinking that helps us make better and more knowledgeable decisions. You don’t really need to have higher intelligence for that. Just the ability to think logically about a thing from all aspects is what critical thinking entails. Do remember that critical thinking is not only about thinking efficiently, but also thinking differently. There are innumerable exercises to improve critical thinking. Below mentioned are a few methods that will help enhance your critical thinking skills.

How To Develop Critical Thinking Skills

Thorough Analytical And Strategic Thinking
Critical thinking skills can be developed by inculcating a habit of analytical and strategic thinking. Ensure that you analyze every situation in life carefully. You can practice the habit of analyzing every situation critically. This will help you acquire critical thinking skills gradually.

Practice Learning Logic
You should learn the way an argument is constructed, its premises and the way the construction is reached. Then, you can study the myths of logic, and practice them in your daily life.

Engage In Everyday Exercises
You can engage in everyday exercises, which takes place out of structured settings and classrooms. These include conversing with others on debates and discussions on a regular basis and incorporating logic and critical thought into your arguments. While alone, you can think deeply about ideas and principles, which interest you. You should try to develop a more detailed understanding of these concepts and mentally reconstruct the premises and conclusions that are associated with them.

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