Sidho Kanho Birsha University,West Bengal

Sidho Kanho Birsha University,West Bengal

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 Puruliya, Bengal, India


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sa vidya ya vimuktaye

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Sidho Kanho Birsha University (SKBU), Purulia aspires to be a premier center for advanced knowledge and top quality research. As a university located in Purulia, it strives to emulate global standards in the domain of higher education and intellectual knowhow. In today`s times, owing to technological access and communicational facilities, it is always possible to keep in touch with the rest of the global academia and therefore, SKBU as an institution of advanced learning and research has got its root firmly planted in the advancement of local knowledge and aspiring at the same to time to elevate its academic credentials in the global educational map. It is situated in a place which has been known as a remote and backward region, but since its inception, SKBU has succeeded in instilling a rippling effect of hope and acceleration in the surroundings. As a university it has acquired the faith of the people and it has generated the required momentum of advancement and thirst for higher education. In other words, this university has ushered in hope and optimism and it has restored faith among the youth about their future.The university has launched its journey on a high note under the laudable stewardship of the Honourable Vice Chancellor, Prof. (Dr.) Samita Manna. A group of highly committed and ably resourceful faculty members, superbly devoted officials and staff have made it possible for the university to move ahead in such a short span of time. It is really wonderful that within such a short time this university has drawn the attention from all corners. The student community too has a vibrant presence and with futural plans for research and quality academic activism, SKB UNIVERSITY would definitely be a force to reckon with in times to come. Our objectives remain the same, striving towards becoming an academy of the future, an institution of global standard, catering to the service of the nation and the larger mankind.


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Vice Chancellor

Prof. (Dr.) Samita Manna


Purulia Zilla Parisad,Old Administrative Building,Jubilee Compound,Post Office & District : Purulia,West Bengal,PIN: 723 101,INDIA

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03252 224 438

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