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SSC Result 2017 - SSC Results 2017 Bangladesh Foreign Studies

Posted on Thursday 27th April 2017 05:20
Education Minister Nurul Islam Nahid announced in a press briefing at his office that SSC result 2017 Bangladesh will be published on 30th may. The result will be handed to the honorable prime minister Sheikh Hasina at 10.00 AM on that day. After that, Mr. Nahid will announce the details of SSC, and other equivalent exams result in a press conference at Secretariat office. Students can see the result through the internet, Mobile SMS, and directly from their school. Mr. Nahid also said, “Students took part in this year’s SSC exam in a different way. And, we are going to publish the result within 60 days after the end of the exam.” Nahid thinks the fast announcement of result publish date will end students and parents anxiousness. How many students participated in this year’s exam? The Secondary School Certificate (SSC), Dhakil, and equivalent examination under vocational board started on February 1, 2017. The theory part of the exam ended on 8thMarch, and practical part started on 9thMarch and continued until 14thMarch. And, the SSC result 2017 Bangladesh will publish on 15th may after the 60 days of exam. 1,786,613 students took part in this year’s SSC and equivalent exams from 8 general boards, oneMadrasah board, and one vocational board. Statistic said that 135,090 more students took part in 2017 SSC exam than the previous year. Out of 1,786,613 candidates, 14,14,927 students were regular and 173,714 students were irregular. Amongst the students from all boards, 91,0501 students were boys, and 87,6112 were girls. Students from 28,344 secondary school sit for exams in 236 centers where 446 overseas students participated from 8 overseas exam centers. 311 new institutes took part in this year’s SSC exam. Seven autistic students have participated for the first time. Physically disable students get extra 20 minute time and assistance from parents, teacher, or helper. But, the additional time is 30 minute for autistics. When would I expect to get the SSC result 2017 Bangladesh? Usually, SSC result published after 60 days of the exam. This year’s exam ended on 14thMarch, so we expect to get SSC result 2017 on 15th May if everything goes well. There is a big possibility to get the result published on 15th may as Mr. Nahid announced the date already in a press briefing. How can I get SSC result 2017 Bangladesh through online? You can get the result from official website of Bangladesh education board on the result day. But, the websitebecomes unresponsive due to heavy load of theenormous amount of visitors. That’s why we are here to help you to get the result quickly and easily. We will publish the result on our website as soon as it published on govt. website. You can consider us as the best alternative of the govt. website. How can I get SSC result 2017 Bangladesh through mobile SMS? You can easily get your result through mobile SMS on the result day. To get your result through SMS, you’ll need to go to message option of your phone and type: SSC First 3 letter of your board name Your Roll no 2017 and then send the message to 16222. Example: SSS BAR165302017 and then send to 1622 Shortcode for the education boards: DHA – Dhaka Board BAR – Barisal Board CHI – Chittagong Board COM – Comilla Board SYL – Sylhet Board RAJ – Rajshahi Board DIN – Dinajpur Board JES – Jessore Board VOC – Vocational Board MAD – Madrasah Board Note: You can send the message from any operator, and the SMS process is same. SMS charge is applicable, and charge varies upon the operator. Bangladesh Education Board Result SSC result 2017 general board Total 1,425,900 students participated from 8 general boards where 702,299 students were boys, and 723,601 students were girls. There are 21,302 more girls than boys took part in SSC exam 2017 from general boards. 96079 student got GPA 5 (A+) in the past year’s exam. We’re hoping to get abetter result than theprevious year. SSC result 2017 general board will publish on the same day as Madrasah board and technical education board. Dakhil result 2017 Madrasah board 256,501 students took part in Dakhil exam 2017 under Madrasah board where the amount was 249,014 in theprevious year. That means 7,487 more students took part in Dakhil exam than the previous year. 88.22 percent students passed the previous year’s Dakhil exam which was satisfactory. We think this year’s percentage will go over 90. Dakhil result 2017 will publish on the same day as general board and vocational board. Vocational education SSC result 2017 104212 students took part in SSC (Vocational) Exam 2017 under Bangladesh Technical Educational Board (BTEB). 5,631 more students attended this year’s SSC (vocational) exam than previous years 98,581. 83.11 percent student passed in the past year’s exam. We’re eagerly waiting to see this year’s percentage if the number increase or not. To let you know, Vocational Education SSC result 2017 will publish on the same day as (15th May) SSC and Dakhil. Dhaka Board SSC Result 2017 412,101 students took part from Dhaka board previous year and 364,248 passed. The percentage was 88.67%. We’re waiting to know if Dhaka board’s student can make better result than previous or not. Rajshahi Board SSC Result 2017 Rajshahi board’s student made a gloriousresult in past year’s SSC exam. 152,783 students attended past year from this board and 145,518 passed. The percentage was 95.70% which was the previous year’s highest passing rate from individual boards. We hope Rajshahi board SSSC result 2017 will be the same bright as past year. Comilla Board SSC Result 2017 Comilla board’s SSC result wasn’t that satisfactory compared to other boards. 134,833 student passed from 161,096 candidates, and the percentage was 84% which was higher than Barishal board but lower than other seven educational boards. Jessore board SSC result 2017 Jessore board was in the 2nd position in past year’s SSC exam. 135,994 student passed from 148,750 candidates in SSC exam 2016. And, the percentage was 91.85% which is the 2nd best pass rate after Rajshahi board. Chittagong Board SSC Result 2017 113,268 students took part in the previous year’s exam and 102,261 passed. The pass rate was 90.44% which was 3rd best individual board result in 2016. We are waiting to see what Chittagong board can achieve this year. Barishal Board SSC Result 2017 Barishal Board got the least individual board pass rate in last year’s SSC exam. 82,292 took part in last years SSC exam and 64,902 passed. The pass rate was 79.41% which was unsatisfactory. We hope Barishal board’s this year’s candidates will do better than theprevious year. Sylhet Board SSC Result 2017 84,633 candidates took part in last year’s SSC examination, and 71,586 students passed. The pass rate was 84.77%. We are waiting to see what Sylhet board can achieve from this year’s SSC exam. Dinajpur Board SSC Result 2017 Dinajpur board is the youngest general education board that started operation in early 2006. This board was under Rajshahi board before that time. Dinajpur Board’s last year’s SSC result was very satisfactory. 150,321 students took part from that board last year and 134,021 passed. The pass rate was 89.59% which was last year’s 4thbest individual board result. How many students were absent in SSC/equivalent exam 2017? 6,826 students were absent on this year’s SSC examination where – • 847 students were from Dhaka Board • 421 students from Rajshahi board. • 510 from Comilla board. • 423 from Jessore board. • 279 from Chittagong board. • 252 from Sylhet board. • 306 from Dinajpur board. • 2,597 from Madrasah board. • And 981 students were from the technical education board. Those 6,826 candidates are already failed the SSC exam 2017 before the result is get published. One student expelled from both Jessore and Madrasah board and five students expelled from the technical education board. The whole country is eagerly waiting for the SSC result 2017. We hope this year’s candidates will make better result than past years. We’ll publish the result on our website as soon as Bangladesh government officially announces it. And, make sure to keep an eye on us to get updated news about SSC result. We also publish all kinds of public exam results, so you don’t have to go here and there from us. More in here

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