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How 12th std students can utilize their holidays?

Goal Setting: Author : S.Manikandaprabhu
Posted On : 2016-04-05 17:08:46
Oops!!! It is the time to give a big relax to your studies and stay cool, have fun. Let's get on to the article.

Have lots and lots of fun in these holidays. Besides, plan something that could benefit your future.

Do something different:-

Try to do something different that you haven't done before. Don't waste your time by watching the reruns in front of the T.V.  Some interesting ideas are Play a sport that you like, Explore the area of wilderness, Do Exercises daily, Meditate, walk and make yourself strong. 

Start learning new things:-

Start learning new things. Learning is a wide range spectrum and you can learn whatever you like. If you are interested in learning academics oriented courses go ahead.

If you want to improve your communication skills, do not avoid going for spoken English class. This is very essential for your career. Read newspapers and magazines regularly.

If you want to pursue your graduation, plan on what course you are going to choose and have a deep study and then analyze the opportunities. It is good to enroll in a typing class to increase your typing speed. You can also enroll yourself in various courses like basic computer courses.

If you want to have a distinguished career like media, sports, business, entrepreneurship etc... Have a procured analysis and go ahead.

Use these holidays effectively to set a good path to your career.


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3 years ago

yes this article is nice. students after completing their 12th standard must engage themselves in the sports and other activities as told in the above article.

Robinsh Kumar
Robinsh Kumar
3 years ago

Hello S.Manikandaprabhu, I agree that students must keep learning new things specially during the holidays or say after the mega examinations. I would also like to share a resource for 12th pass students and that is at


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