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How 12th std students can utilize their holidays?

Oops!!! It is the time to give a big relax to your studies and stay cool, have fun. Let's get on to the article.Have lots and lots of fun in these holidays. Besides, plan something that could benefit..
3 years ago

Goal settings for your life

Goal setting is a fundamental element for a long-term success. Setting and achieving a goal gives satisfaction to one own self. It involves establishment of SMART which means specific, measurable, achievable,..
4 years ago

Goal Setting Quotesa

Do you know that setting a goal increases your productivity by 50%? It is a fact that setting a goal helps you stick on to goal-relevant activities and avoid irrelevant actions. Goal setting is nothing..
4 years ago

Importance Of Goal Setting

Picture this: You are lost in a metropolitan and are quite clueless on which way to go, with so many befuddling paths adding to your confusion. The only device that can bail you out of this is a GPS device,..
4 years ago