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Time Management Tips For New Teachers

Time Management:
Posted On : 2016-08-09 16:12:58
For new teachers, time is a precious resource. While there’s no way to create more hours in the day, there are ways that you, as a new teacher, can get the most out of the time you have.

Being able to manage time effectively will not only make you a better teacher, it will enhance your quality of life outside the classroom, too. So it’s important to have a few tools at your disposal in order to make the most of your time. Check out these time-management tips for new teachers, and before you know it, time will be back on your side!

1) Prioritize :

Determining what’s most important and focusing on those priorities for the day, in the classroom and out, is crucial to managing time effectively. As a new teacher, understanding the duties and tasks that will most benefit your students may take some trial and error, but as you continue to grow into your new role, these priorities will become apparent. It’s just up to you to shift your focus and allow some less important duties—whether it’s grading each and every homework assignment or meticulously organizing your desk—fall to the wayside.

2) Simplify :

The easiest way to increase efficiency is to simplify your everyday tasks and duties. Take a good look at those things you do each day to keep your classroom up and running smoothly, and see if there’s any room to streamline. Additionally, to-do lists are a great tool, but be sure to keep them simple—each day jot down only your top three priorities.

3) Keep to a schedule :

Creating a schedule and staying true to it is very important for the well-being of new teachers. When making your schedule, devote only one or two days to stay late—if necessary—and make Friday a day for planning for the following week. Determining the next week’s priorities and being prepared are key to managing time effectively as a new teacher.

4) Be realistic :

Knowing your limits while understanding what is and isn’t within your control is critical to time management. Don’t over-commit; set realistic expectations for yourself when it comes to time. And most importantly, learn when and how to say no.

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