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Health and Infrastructure

By Ramakrishna Mission Vivekananda College, Autonomous, Chennai.

ICSSR Sponsored ONE DAY NATIONAL LEVEL CONFERENCE on INFRASTRUCTURAL DEVELOPMENT AND ENVIRONMENT – ISSUES & CHALLENGES Barath Ram K, M.A.,M.Phil. Research Scholar, Dept. of Sanskrit, Ramakrishna Mission Vivekananda College (Autonomous) Mylapore, Chennai – 04 HEALTH AND INFRASTRUCTURE INTRODUCTION..
3 years ago

Need for Craft Class in School

Everyone have some liking for craft work. It is something that entertains and involves us to do creative things. But in this growing internet world every things is digitized. We spend much of our time..
3 years ago

Acquaintance of Arts and crafts in Today's world..

To create an image an individual should have in born talent, creativity and interest. Art is the activity by which beautiful and decorative images are produced. Artistic works are preferred by millions..
4 years ago

For Students, a Waiting List Is Scant Hope

Late last month, she learned that Duke had neither accepted nor rejected her. It had offered her a spot on the waiting list — along with 3,382 other applicants. That is almost twice the size of the incoming..
4 years ago

Adorable Halloween Costumes for College Kids

As we get older our Halloween costumes get skimpier. If you want to take it back to the innocent days of counting candy and knocking on neighbors’ doors, try one of these costumes. Just don’t complain when everyone at the party follows you around nostalgically—they want to recover their childhood. THE..
4 years ago